Warning: This game contains cartoony animal-on-animal violence. Vulpine 101, Isaac and Josiah Goodin's 7DFPS entry, is a stealth-survival adventure where you control a fox, and a vicious one at that. It's not a realistic simulation; it's much more of an arcade-style experience where you hunt gradually bigger and bigger animals in an effort to slake your insatiable vulpine appetite.

You have a huge forest to roam and explore, and plenty of other wildlife to eat. The only goal is to survive as long as possible, and perhaps to rack up a highscore. In order to survive or to score points, you hunt. You're not the toughest animal in the woods, but you're sneaky, and you can take down just about anything if get in a good critical hit. To do this, you have to sneak up on your prey and pounce before they know what hit them.

The controls are easy enough: WASD to move, mouse to look, click to bite, space to jump, and most importantly, hold Ctrl to sneak. A blue indicator on the screen will turn red when you're in critical striking range of an animal. Note that critical hits only happen if your quarry is unaware of your presence. One more control: You can press F to howl. It doesn't affect anything, but it certainly helps you get into the role.

When you take down an animal, it bursts into red and blue cubes for you to pick up. Red cubes add to your health meter and blue cubes feed your steadily decreasing hunger meter. Some animals will fight back and do damage to your health. If your hunger meter is completely depleted, your health meter will start decreasing.

All in all, life as a fox is short, brutal, and fun in Vulpine 101. You can play Vulpine 101 in your browser or download standalone versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux.