consedi1.pngWhile there are a lot of entries in Ludum Dare 27 that take the theme of "10 Seconds" quite literally (many of them excellent), Riccardo Caprari uses a wildly inventive interpretation in his game, Con 10 Sedi. You control 10 runners in an 11-person race. The eleventh runner is the fastest racer in the world, and the others have no chance of beating him, but they all want medals for themelves. So they conspire to cross the finish line at the exact same instant, thus earning a silver medal each--10 second places.

As the runners race down the track, side by side, some will drift a bit out of formation. You have to nudge them forward or backward by adjusting their speed until they get back in line. When an indicator appears on a runner's lane to tell you they're falling behind or getting ahead, you use the up and down arrows to select the lane, then press left or right to adjust their speed. You can also directly select a lane by tapping the number with which it's labeled (1-9, and 0 for 10).

There are 5 difficulty levels to tackle, from "Childish" to "Disgusting", so although each race is brief, there's a lot of replay value here. Though it took the developer only about 15 hours to make, Con 10 Sedi is a blast and an excellent entry in the Ludum Dare 48 Hour Competition. You can play Con 10 Sedi in your browser.