deadmanscurve1.pngCreated for the "Build me a performance space" event on Glorious Trainwrecks, Dead Man's Curve is the latest offering from cult hero thecatamites. Anything released by thecatamites is worthy of some attention, and even though his newest has not much meat, it's a tasty confection.

It is short--as short as its soundtrack, a punk song by the Electric Eels (or until you get tired of watching the spectacle). It's brazen and silly. It's ridiculously hard to control.

What do I like about it? The way the bikers spew forth from the cave's mouth, the way the camera swings around drunkenly and then slowly pulls back to reveal the extent of the chaos, the lack of guidance but the obviousness of what you're expected to do, the exuberance, the attitude. It's perhaps more of a little toy, or a music visualization, than a "game".

However, you can play little games with it: How far can you launch a biker? Can you get to the second curve or beyond? Can you land on the ground upright and still able to drive around? Can you reach the red house furthest from the road? Can you send a bike right off the edge of the world?

Playing it won't take much of your time (even if you play several times) and it just might brighten your day. You can enjoy Dead Man's Curve in your browser.