heroquest01.pngJump and slash your way through the evil wizard's castle, your leaps unhindered by your plate armor, your every move guided by the fairy Lex. It won't take you long to slay the villain and rescue the princess. Just keep heading right and listening to Lex and you'll easily find the first of the game's 3 endings. The first sign that there's something more going on beneath the surface of Kyle "supajackle" Templeton's Hero Quest is the game's logo glitching out on the title screen. That's just a hint of things to come.

If you hadn't noticed the logo glitch or been informed of the multiple endings, you might dismiss the game as a competent but trifling platformer. But you don't have to listen to Lex. Take a different path, and the game opens up into a reality-questioning, fourth-wall breaking adventure with elements of Metroid, VVVVVV, and depict1. You'll acquire new abilities and gain access to new areas, collecting jewels along the way. You'll rewrite the game's code with a slash of your sword. You'll anger the gods, and have fun doing it.

You can play Hero Quest in your browser. The controls are Z, X, and the arrow keys. Don't worry, Lex will help you out.