shambles1.pngMinecraft developer Notch makes some extremely polished small games for jams, and Shambles is his latest. Developed in about a week for the 7DFPS challenge, Shambles puts you smack dab in the middle of a zombie apocalypse to see how long you can survive--and how high you can score. You're stuck in the city at night with a gun, 50 bullets, and 100 health. Zombies, cops, and civilians share the darkened streets with you, and there are different reasons to shoot each of them.

Cops shoot zombies and not you, but they drop ammo and better guns when killed, so they're as attractive a target for you as for the zombies. Civilians are harmless, but they drop health packs when they die, which is the only way to heal. Zombies attack you on sight, but self-defense isn't the only reason to shoot them. Zombies drop yellow orbs when they explode into a cloud of bloody pixels; picking these up is the only way to increase your score.

Despite the game's title, these are the fast-moving variety of zombie, and they will run at you, then maul you repeatedly with vicious two-armed attacks. They'll turn cops and civilians into other zombies, but they'll just kill you. Games of Shambles are fast, short, and fun, with little time to appreciate the interplay of cops, zombies, civilians, and one loner with a gun.

You can play Shambles in your browser or download an offline build for Windows.