robot planet.pngDuke Nukem co-creator George Broussard participated in the latest Ludum Dare (1,500 games and growing), making roguelike Robot Planet under the jam's "10 seconds" theme. Players start with only 10 seconds of air left in their tank and 10 HP as they struggle through 20 levels of dense enemy patches and winding paths.

Each stage will contain some items to restore health and air partially, but going for them means dancing with the Doom-bots and possibly suffocating or dying otherwise.

My first playthrough was my best (getting to level 17), and every subsequent try I did worse. The panic by the rapidly depleting variables and the carefully timed sound effects elevated the roguelike experience for me, making me more stressed (which seems to be the game design's goal) after each play through.

Give Robot Planet a go, and see if you manage to steal one of the Doom-Bot spaceships to escape.