chess113.pngI like Chess, but it can be a really slow game. Players are susceptible to analysis paralysis, creating long wait times between moves. Sven Anders Robbestad solves that problem with his real-time strategy game CHESS (all caps to distinguish it from the boardgame, I suppose), which he made for the 7-day RTS / Mini Ludum Dare 44 competition.

The board is set up like a normal chess match, and all of the pieces' movement and capture rstrictions apply. As soon as the game starts, you can click any piece and move it to any legal location. A cooldown timer appears behind each piece that's been moved, counting down to when it can next be clicked. You can make moves as quickly as your mouse and the cooldown timers allow.

It doesn't take long for things to get pretty crazy, and you have to think ahead while reacting to an ever-changing board in order to beat your computer opponent. The cooldown periods are a brilliant element; they allow for strategic play and keep the game from devolving into a clickfest. The real-time nature of CHESS makes checks and checkmates obsolete, so you have to actually capture the king to win. Occasionally this can make the endgame a duel between lonely kings, but even these are fun and tactical.

You can play CHESS online in your browser. The current build is an open beta release, so the game's still undergoing some polish. In particular, the developer is working on improving the AI. Tweet the developer with any suggestions or bug reports at @svenardocom.