1000ftfall2.pngI'm always interested in something new and creative being done in Twine. Le Sam, the author of Death from a 1000ft. Fall, described it to me in an email as "an arcade-adventure game hybrid in Twine". I think of it more as a turn-based survival game. For reasons that are beside the point but explained in the intro, you are falling. There's 1,000 feet between you and the ground, so you've got a few seconds to figure out how to slow or halt your descent, or at least soften the impact.

The brain does funny things in situations of grave danger and you're experiencing a moment of heightened clarity, so time seems to have frozen around you. Every possible action takes about a second of in-game time, but you have all the time in the world to make your decisions. You have a number of possible actions to take, including changing your body position, examining your surroundings, checking and making use of your inventory, picking and aiming for a good place to land, and just trying to relax.

This game is made in Twine, so you perform actions by clicking on highlighted text, and there are a lot of possibilities. Unlike most Twine games, Death from a 1000ft. Fall relies heavily on images as well as text, and every passage is illustrated. Better yet, the drawings frequently convey useful information.

The game is alternately realistic and fantastic. For example, when you pull an anvil out of your pocket, it adheres to the laws of physics by falling at the same speed as you--but what were you doing with an anvil in your pocket in the first place? And how did it even fit in there? Regardless, the game is a fascinating puzzle with a basis in reality (at least in terms of how things behave after they are falling).

There are a few ways to survive the fall, but some landings leave you a lot more injured than others, so the game packs some nice replay value.

Death from a 1000ft. Fall isn't playable directly online like most Twine games because it contains (and has to load) over 500 images, but you can download it and then play it in your browser, like any other Twine game.