a game of numbers screen.pngJoseph Michels has released a free web demo and a full PC version of his dungeon-esque mathematical puzzler A Game of Numbers, which he created initially during Ludum Dare 26. Players navigate their yellow-outlined piece through over 75 mazes, colliding with other pieces to make math happen, satisfy logical expressions, and get to the exit.

As the stages progress, the puzzles become more layered, with one-way arrows, the modulo operator (%), reusable blocks, gates with circular keys, and some algebra and functions sprinkled in. Joseph also followed through on his Ludum Dare post-compo plans, including a sharable level editor.

A Game of Numbers is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux for $5.00 through the Humble Store. Slap on a more App Store friendly coat of paint (and probably a different price), and this one would also do well in the mobile and tablet market, I think, as an education and game app.

If you're not an impulse buyer of awesome puzzle games, give the free web demo a spin, but be warned of the cleverness of Joesph's design.