Amplitude's newest title, Dungeon of the Endless, is not what you'd call a purebred game in terms of genre. The studio set out to create a combination of roguelike and tower defense. However, it wasn't content to stop mixing things there. The setting is going to span both sci-fi and fantasy. It may sound like a lot to stomach, but everything makes sense once it comes together.

This four-player co-op game has 30 characters to choose from. There are four classes, like the weak-but-sneaky ninja and the strong-but-plodding tank. The shooter and the engineer round out the group. Each class has different measurements in terms of combat, science, maintenance and other skills.

As a roguelike, players will venture out into the caves of a mountain after their interstellar prison ship crash-lands deep into its belly. There will be technology to find, but also many enemies to kill. As you progress through each level you'll periodically place machinery that's tied back to a main generator. This generator powers everything and requires protection, giving the game its tower defense portion. If the lights go out, the monsters come out. And that's usually not good for anyone who wants to stay alive.

While Dungeon of the Endless starts out in the sci-fi camp in terms of setting, it gradually becomes more fantasy oriented as you reach the surface of the mountain. The spirit of the crashed transport in which you begin is also important, as all the selectable characters are criminals. Some may ally with you, but others may stab you in the back, so beware.

This game ties into Amplitude's Endless Space, as well as the recently announced Endless Legend. Early Access on Steam is planned for some point this year, though a full release date was not revealed.

[via Joystiq]