icarustyping2.png"Your fingers will be like gods..." Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing! was made for the Something Awful Game Dev Challenge VII by Brooklyn duo Holy Wow Studios (formerly 1-2-3 Blast On!, makers of Icarus Proudbottom & the Curse of the Chocolate Fountain). The theme of the challenge was "subversive edutainment", and Icarus Proudbottom's latest outing delivers that and more.

The primary point of the game is to make you laugh. In service of this pursuit, it lampoons Mavis Beacon, RPG reward systems, combos, power gauges, gamer culture, terms of service contracts, Tamagotchis, and the tilde key, among other things. After creating a character by assigning points to a plethora of meaningless stats, you are guided by Icarus Proudbottom and his spirit animal sidekick, Jerry the owlkin, on a learning adventure.

The main gameplay involves typing long, silly passages that appear onscreen. Only the occasional "exam" is timed, but accuracy always counts and you'll lose a heart from your Life Gauge for each typo. You'll rack up combos for chains of correctly typed words, and if you type quickly enough without mistakes, you'll fill up your Soul Gauge and be able to activate some special powers. After a successful typing bout, you'll be awarded skill points, some loot, and a rank--and later on, you'll get a chance to feed points to your virtual pet, the Typogatchi.

Most challenges are administered by Icarus and Jerry, but occasionally Holy Wow's slick legal counsel will show up with a special passage for you to type. Icarus doesn't pay much attention to the Mr. Filcure, he's just thrilled that someone else shares his love of typing. But as you probably already can tell, the lawyer has a much more sinister motive than spreading typographical knowledge.

I haven't enjoyed a typing game this much since Typing of the Dead. You can play Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing in your browser or download a standalone Windows version.