betrayal1.pngBetrayal is a meaningful but nondescript name for this smart, innovative little adventure game. It was made in a week by a dev called Bulbapuck for the Adventure Game Studio One Room One Week 8 competition. It didn't garner any top honors, but along with The Rebirth and The Reaper, it's among my favorites of all the entries.

The first unique thing you'll notice about Betrayal is its top-down point of view, quite unusual for the point'n'click genre. You awaken in a bare room with no exit, having no idea how you got there. Don't worry; you'll find out by the end of the game. There's a big purple key on the floor, so go ahead and click it to get things started (all actions are performed with simple left-clicks). After solving the first puzzle and exiting the room, you enter what appears to be a participatory flashback. You'll also pass through your first door, taking your first step down a dark path of discovery.

The way doors are used in the game is another unique thing about it. Doors are important both mechanically and thematically. They are the main focus of the later puzzles, and you'll find yourself opening and closing quite a few of them. Rooms are revealed when doors open, and they disappear from sight when a door is closed. And sometimes opening a door does more than just allow movement from one physical location to another.

If you like adventures at all, give Betrayal a play. It's an original, engaging, and potentially emotional experience. Betrayal is only available for Windows. (Note: Double-click the file "OROW.exe" to play.)