Corey Nolan's Growing is a simple but poetic resource management game, where the mother-player must tend to a garden in the clouds and while the child below her matures. Growing began as a game jam project in May 2011, where the theme was "Motherhood." Corey planned for Growing to be a present for her mother, and she was close to presenting it back in October before her backpack with all her work in it was stolen.

Fortunately, Corey kept with the project and has released it this week as a free download for Windows and Mac.

While the harmful plants don't pose much of a threat to make the game challenging, I'm not quite sure how you get all the different plants in the diary. I am guessing it has to do with the placement of certain plants next to each other.

Regardless, the game made me wish I had someone tending to a cloud garden that rained peddles down upon me. I'm thinking Corey's mother is one awesome person, and she made one thoughtful, artistic daughter.