80seconds1.png80 Seconds Cave by Florian van Strien is a procedurally generated platformer boiled down to its essentials and given a shiny coat of effects, as well as a healthy dose of charm. You have 80 seconds to explore a cave consisting of four or five short floors, avoiding spikes, stalactites, and wildlife, and collecting various helpful goodies, such as limited invincibility or bonus time. The game's emphasis is on speed, fun, and replayability, and it does not disappoint.

You run, jump, and swim your way through the cave with the arrow keys. You can breathe underwater, but fish will kill you. In fact, pretty much anything that's alive can kill you, including the flowers. I recommend playing through the tutorial level first, just to get acquainted with the conventions of the gameworld. After that, you've got four modes of increasing difficulty and length to master.

Perhaps my favorite part of the game comes after you either perish or complete it. You are presented with a text narrative by a randomly named historian, who gives a blow-by-blow account of your adventure (you being a randomly named hero), describing each hazard you overcome, each item you use, and the details of your ultimate demise (or success). Here's the ending of one of my recent playthroughs: "Harry dodged some spikes. A flesh-eating fish hurt him. Unfortunately, he died then."

80 Seconds Cave is a free download for Windows.