I've been itching to crack a case lately, so Hot Tin Roof by Glass Bottom Games is a welcome discovery. This noir detective story is being built around a metroidvania adventure with a unique, inviting world filled with interesting characters, and is seeking Kickstarter support.

The team at Glass Bottom is centering the story around Emma Jones and her cat and investigative partner Frankie. This is a murder mystery that has the player searching for the killer. So far it seems like the noir aesthetic has been nailed from a story perspective due to the authentic dialogue and music.

The adorable, boxish, voxel-styled graphics mesh well with the heavily shadowed city. Don't take getting around this moody metropolis for granted, though. The answers aren't always obvious, but a good detective relies on the tools at hand. Your revolver is a weapon, but it can be used in other ways. Shooting downward while airborne to boost your jump is an example, while equipping grappling-hook bullets allows you to climb to out-of-reach spots is another.

Hot Tin Roof is coming to Windows, Mac and Linux and is slated for an August 2014 release. The Kickstarter is up now, and a Greenlight page