Headblaster is an adrenaline rush of pixels, pills, and carnage courtesy of Loud Noises, a self-described "gang of game makers" from Brazil. You've got the worst headache of all time. In fact, your head's about to explode--literally. Scattered about the vibrant city streets are the pills that can lower your stress and keep you alive. But as your stress level increases, so does your insane strength. As you tear through the streets, you can run into people and splatter them across the asphalt with a brush of the shoulder.

People depicted in vibrant color are yours for the smashing. People who appear grayed-out are stronger than you and cannot be smashed at your current stress level. This may include people who can harm you, like armed police. As your stress level rises and your rage increases, your vision blurs and you may begin to see things. Last as long as you can and see how many of those annoying people you can take out.

The entire game is controlled by leading your psychotic hero's headlong rush with your mouse. This control method keeps things fast and barely under control, exactly how they should be in this game.

You can download Headblaster from its Game Jolt page (for Windows only).