As far as arcade-style PSN games go, Super Stardust HD stands as one of the premiere experiences on the service. Housemarque continued into the generation with titles like Outland and Dead Nation. The developer appears to be aiming to impress again, as its newest shooter Resogun is headed for the Playstation 4, and is already looking fantastic.

Resogun is a spiritual successor to the Stardust series, and takes heavy cues from both the arcade classic Defender and the more recent SHMUP Deathsmiles. The world is now cylindrical instead of spherical, putting the game's levels on a track. Players can move up and down, but gravity now plays a part when it comes to enemies and items as well.

Housemarque has moved away from the twin-stick style shooting that it's come to produce so well, opting instead for a horizontal-style shot only. There's also a rescue element, where the player must rescue those under siege by the alien forces you're fighting. Doing so will grant you power ups or shields. It appears that the boost is making a return, and with it the ability to tear through groups of enemies. It's always an immensely rewarding feeling to look back on the wreckage left behind by your streaking ship.

In addition to the normal single player content, there will be multiplayer in the form of co-op with multiple ships to choose from in the final release. No release date has been revealed for Resogun as of yet, though the launch date of the PS4 means we won't be seeing it until November at the earliest.

[via Playstation Blog]