AdventurOS is an ambitious new game in development by Evelend Games and Lorena Casanova (who have produced underrated gems like Pixelry and Super Tower Rush). Rendered in handsome pixel art and presented in 2.5-D, AdventurOS is a Metroidvania-styled hack'n'slash-RPG that procedurally generates levels based on the folders and files on your hard drive.

Your directory structure determines the layout of the castle you're exploring. Files are translated into monsters, NPCs, treasures, bosses, etc. The actual process is further explained in the above pitch video. In addition to combat, there will be puzzles to solve and plenty of opportunities to customize your character.

The prototype will be made public sometime during the crowdfunding campaign, and a beta release is expected by December. The full game is planned for release on all desktop platforms. You can find out more and pledge your support on the AdventurOS Indiegogo page.