"Ambitious" is probably the best, single word to describe Mighty Brawlers, a 2D MMO shoot-em up with heavy emphasis on the first "M". Addsubtract claims it will take hours to traverse the game's world, which is hand-crafted using 864 million tiles.

The world will be divided up into levels, or neighborhoods, each of which will have a set style. The plan is to have a new neighborhood added to the world each month. The plan is to support over 1000 players per level. While the game is large, you won't always have to hoof it to get around. There are teleporters that transport you to other spots. The world is also full of NPCs, so it's important to keep your head on a swivel. Sometimes they will chase you in hordes hundreds-deep.

While there are currently 75 characters completed, 200 is the target for the game's launch. Expect some crazy options. The Alice in Wonderland pack allows you to play as the Mad Hatter or Cheshire Cat among others, while another pack allows you to play as a trailer park family. Each character has a unique weapon. One character may have a rifle, or another a slingshot. You might come across a pirate gun, or something that fires baby bottles. These items can be mixed and matched with the characters, as well.

Mighty Brawlers is planned for both iOS and Android. Addsubtract has enrolled the game's Kickstarter in the Ouya's Free the Games Fund, so if they reach $50,000, the game will debut on the fledgling Android-based console. Expect to see this one in November, if everything goes as planned.