indie speed run 2013.jpgThe Indie Speed Run game-jam-style event returns this September, with registration now open and its 15 celebrity judges revealed. The 48-hour jam assigns teams two completely random elements to make an original game, with three winners taking home $2500, $1000, or $500. Its first year saw 182 developer teams enter, and new to the event this year is Danger Dice, an optional "second chance for people who don't like the theme they are assigned and want something new. And crazy."

The judges, pictured above, are listed after the jump.

Peter Molyneux (Fable 1-3, Godus, Curiosity, Black & White)
Markus "Notch" Persson (Minecraft)
Suda51 (No More Heroes, Killer7)
Ron Gilbert (Monkey Island, The Cave)
Brian Fargo (Fallout, Wasteland 1&2)
Kim Swift (Portal, LEft 4 Dead, Quantum Conundrum)
Dan Pinchbeck (Dear Ester, Amnesia)
Matthew Davis and Justin Ma (FTL)
Trent Oster (BioWare co-founder, Baldur's Gate)
Brian Provinciano (Retro City Rampage)
Jason Rohrer (Castle Doctrine)
Ian Dallas (Unfinished Swan)
Andrew Spinks (Terraria)
Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw (Zero Punctuation)

With so many notable judges viewing your work, registering for Indie Speed Run and getting their feedback seems like a solid idea. It should be noted that Indie Speed Run carries a $25 registration fee to cover logistics. To get ready, feel free to check out all the cool games created last year.