Earlier this month Tokyo-based sprite art designer m7kenji released his game Bugtronica for free download for iPhone and Android. The whimsical sidescroller set in a world of bugs, both insectoid and programmatical, represents an unorthodox approach to 8-bit gaming. Today Kenji is featured as a VJ at Studio 2.5D's MOtOLOiD Chiptune Festival 2013, broadcast live from Shibuya, Tokyo. Other featured performers include Rokko Chan Soundtracks arrangers Hige Driver (chip style) and Omodaka (Far East Recording), as well as Mega Ran Japan Tour featured artists Kunio and Professor Sakamoto. View the live stream, beginning at 6:00 AM Eastern, after the break.

Live streaming video by Ustream

Bugtronica is currently available for free download through iTunes and Google Play. Its designer has previously presented on the title's visual style at the Picotachi show-and-tell gathering, organized by the Lexaloffle game studio at Pico Pico Cafe. Cover art by m7kenji has also appeared on Cheapbeats netlabel releases Streets of Bass and Papillons. Next month the artist will be performing as a VJ at the Square Sounds chip music festival at Koenji High, sharing the stage with indie game composers A_Rival and Danimal Cannon.