overthetop1.pngIf a bunch of criminals jumped off a cliff, would you follow them? As the super-cop in Over the Top, JaR_'s entry in the 7DFPS challenge, that's exactly what you do in a blind fit of rage. So now you're falling. Defying the laws of physics (perhaps it's the power of justice), you are falling faster than the bad guys, so you're effectively engaged in a high-speed pursuit. And you've got your gun, along with unlimited ammunition.

In fact, you have to take out every criminal before you catch up with them, or else they will collide with you, ending both of your lives in a bloody mess. In addition, some of them shoot back, and you have to dodge their bullets while rotating to line up your own shots. The game's controls are simple. Just use the left and right arrows to rotate, and press up, Z, or X to fire your gun.

Over the Top and its blocky pixel graphics do a great job of conveying a sense of motion, despite little actual animation. The only thing missing is sound, which I hope will be added at some point. But things like this are easily forgivable in the context of a time-based jam. The central mechanic is interesting, and the game is incredibly fun.

You can download Over the Top for Windows.