Germany-based Threaks has released its underwater action-adventure rhythm game Beatbuddy on Steam today for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Beyond the charming 2D Rayman games, rhythm resonates from practically every creature here, and many puzzle or traversal scenes require one to move to the beat, which has been scored by the likes of Austin Wintory, Parov Stelar, Sabrepulse and La Rochelle Band. The game bleeds beautiful colors, and I particularly loved the luscious, multi-layered foreground that so few 2D games seem to take advantage of. I can only imagine how much depth Beatbuddy projects in stereoscopic 3D. That said, I was surprised I didn't find many hidden elements or pathways in the thick foreground. The six, large stages are broken up to five chapters each, with hundreds of collectible gems to find. Completionists may find the replaying options a little frustrating, though. While every chapter becomes playable after being cleared, the game says that "unlocks" won't be affected, so presumably one must replay each 30-minute-plus stage to find the few gems missed the first time. I think replays should not only allow me to go after what I may have missed, but that each chapter should have a gem counter to help narrow the search. These personal complaints are small compared to the overall satisfaction I had seeing and hearing each stage come alive and the way I could move through them with ease. Threaks' Beatbuddy is on sale for $13.49 now.