narcoleptic_chicken_kid.pngWith the theme for Ludum Dare 27 being "10 seconds", there are a lot of games demanding that the player accomplish a given task within a short amount of time. This Ludum Dare jam entry from illustrator and game designer Lianne Booton, however, takes the 10-second theme and abstracts it, turning it into a spendable resource.

The player is a baby chicken who falls asleep every 10 seconds, but rather than having those 10 seconds pass in real time, it takes the chick 2 seconds to move from one tile to the next. Once the chick has moved 5 spaces, he falls asleep... and if he's not in the shade, he gets eaten by a wolf. Making it into a chicken coop ends the level. The player can take as much time to think if they want, but a misstep can easily spell game over.

Booton combined a couple of seemingly contradictory elements to create a lovely, if grim, aesthetic. The wolves are visibly present on every level and tend to be surrounded by blood and drumsticks, but this is done tastefully enough to make what would otherwise be a disturbing mess blend quietly in with the pleasant farmyard scenes. The music sets a serious tone, but is never too dark for the graphics.

All in all, Narcoleptic Chicken Kid is a solid puzzle game with a quirky sense of humor. It's only available for Windows, unfortunately, but the creator recommends trying it in WINE if you have another operating system.