(Teknopants) Beau Blyth's local-multiplayer Bushido brawler Samurai Gunn has a stunning new trailer and has announced its release time frames and a new publisher partnering. The game is set to release for Windows through Steam and developer direct this holiday, with January 2014 as the current target, the publisher tells us. The PS4 and PS Vita versions are recent developments, so nothing beyond 2014 is set for those platforms, nor has it been decided if they will support the cross-buy function. Further, no price has been set for any platform.

Cards Against Humanity and Werewolf creator Maxistentialism has stepped in to publish the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita versions. The deal is considered a sort of angel investment, in that Beau retains all rights and control over Samurai Gunn.

Beau is developing Samurai Gunn primarily on Game Maker: Studio, and the PC plans are Windows-only for now. As for those asking for online multiplayer, it's not likely. "The conventional wisdom is that you need to have online multiplayer for a game to sell, but I guarantee that getting a bunch of your friends in a room together will always be more fun. I'm publishing this game independently because I'd like to prove that a local experience can still sell," said Beau.

The next public appearance of Samurai Gunn will be later this week at PAX Prime as part of the 80+ games in the Indie MEGABOOTH at booth 763, showcasing how much fun it is when played next to other humans.