Vidhvat (vids on TIGS) on Lovely Planet

The hook: Lovely Planet is a first person shooter game of jumping and shooting set in a cutesy abstract world with its gameplay and setting heavily inspired by everything from Contra to my recent obsession with Japanese pop music videos.

Release info: Lovely Planet will come out on PC and Mac, maybe Linux too, hopefully by the end of this year or early 2014. It should be affordable.

Screenshot info: The screenshot shows the player character holding the 'Sunshine Gun' in one of the early levels in the game. You can see a 'Dude Turret' enemy patiently waiting for the player to come out while another stares coldly at the camera. This screenshot was taken right after I had decided on this particular art style. The idea was to make an FPS game unlike any other in both the setting and the gameplay, with no soldiers or dusty brown environments of any kind. So it's just that, a game of jumping and shooting set in a world populated with cute stuff.

Earlier iterations: I knew since the beginning that it'll have to be an un-textured flat-shaded world, but deciding on what the world is actually going to look like took quite a while.

This earlier screenshot shows the version of the game where the palette was in place but the ground was mostly flat and uninteresting. These colors were picked because I wanted a very cheerful and happy atmosphere not a grim or serious one like most other shooters.

This next one was taken later during the initial stages of having discovered the floating islands theme. The hearts on the ground and the lighting followed shortly after, I released a slight amount of lighting was required for giving the objects in the world some definition. The hearts were the last addition, they gave the much needed detail to the ground which was otherwise bland even after the subtle directional light. The gun and the stars around it, well that's something I'm changing almost everyday!

The devs and tech behind the screens: It's a one person team, so I'm doing all the artwork and programming on this one. The game is being written in Unity, and I've used Blender to model the world.
The selection process: This was simply the result of the excitement after having locked onto the art style, more of a work-in-progress screenshot than a promotional one. I find a series of screenshots like this one to be the perfect way to show the kind of progress a game is making, a log of every step that was taken to reach the final stage at least when it comes to the graphics and presentation. Otherwise, screenshots I think are mostly misleading, they usually fail to depict what the game actually plays like, so it all boils down to how attractive you can make it look.

How can people follow you? I'm still in the process of sorting out the social media for this game, but otherwise I have a website where you can find all the games I've worked on and read more about them on the blog. Lovely Planet has an indieDB page.

Pay it forward. What game caught your eye this week?

From the Screenshot Saturday thread, there is another game called Zombygon which I think pulls off the untextured flat kind of look really well.

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