prisonscape front.pngPekka Kallioniemi on Prisonscape

The hook: Prisonscape is an adventure/RPG game that takes place in prison. Inside, you have to survive the dark side of incarceration by defending yourself with makeshift weapons, scheming with other inmates and gaining influence amongst the notorious prison gangs.

Release info: The game will be released on Windows, Linux, and Mac, and it's coming out in 2014. Price TBD.

Screenshot info:

In this screenshot you can see the recreational area and guard room of the first area in the game. Here, the player can roam freely and interact with other inmates, guards and the environment. It's a good presentation of the art style we'll have with Prisonscape - classic, beautiful pixel art inspired by classics such as Chrono Trigger and the Final Fantasy series.

The game will be mostly done in this style (except for the UI elements), and the reason for this is that we all grew up during the NES/SNES and LucasArts/Sierra era, and have fond memories of the games made in those times. It's amazing how much you can present with just a few pixels here and there when you have a talented artist working on the art. It's also very interesting to design realistic scenarios such as prison and it's inmates with a limited resolution and color palette.

This is the intro screen of the game:

And a battle scene:

The battle in this early alpha footage takes place at 3:40 -

The devs and tech behind the screens: All the art in the game was done by David Hammond. Tuomas Hynninen does the coding, Case Portman is responsible for the music, Will Swarbrick helps me with the writing and I am working on story, game design, mechanics and organizing this whole bundle together. All the graphics were done in Photoshop, coding with Java (we have our own
engine) and for scripting we use Lua.

The selection process: Screenshots have to tell something about the game. They should capture the essence of it and give people as much information about it as possible. In addition, aesthetically pleasing screenshots are always good PR for the game and also a very good source of constructive feedback - we've done several iterations on the UI based on the feedback we've received from people interested in the game.

How can people follow you? Here's the RSS feed to our official website. You can also find us on Twitter; please feel free to ask us questions any time. Most of the constructive feedback comes from our IndieDB page -
it's just a copy of the official site, but there's a lot more conversation going over there because of the large user base.

Pay it forward. What game caught your eye this week?

We've really enjoyed following the development of Steam Marines. The pixel graphics look amazing and the game is developed actively. They're currently in open alpha, so I really suggest trying out the game! They can be found on IndieDB.

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