There's one thing that can be learned from the stories told to us throughout time, be it a bedtime story or a feature film: If a robot is chasing you, run. This simple truth is the underlying basis for Sir, You Are Being Hunted, an FPS that makes the player feel an awful lot like Harrison Ford during the exciting parts of The Fugitive.

What Big Robot has done well in this playable alpha, especially in the beginning, is convey a sense of dread. You know the robots are coming for you, but you don't know from where, and you don't know when. You don't have a weapon when you venture out into the world, and you're constantly torn between the need to find one and total trepidation. The animatronic constructs shoot to kill, and they travel by foot, in packs or sometimes by hot air balloon. Your assailants could be right around the corner of that abandoned church, but the door at the front might contain a stash of ammo. Is dashing out in to the open for a prize worth being spotted and chased down? What if the only thing inside is whiskey?

Procedurally generated levels mean every experience has that tiny bit of unease and variance that keeps you on edge. You can't rely on a mental roadmap when things are always changing. One thing to note is there is a lot of water between the five islands that make up each world (it would be nice if the boats were functional) so expect to swim a bit. Some may find this boring, while other may appreciate the break from the tension. Still, the land masses themselves are fairly sizable so there's a lot to explore on dry soil. While there isn't much more to do besides collect things, cook food and shoot androids at the moment, we're really curious to see how the concept fleshes out. You can try it now through Steam for $20. Windows, Mac, and Linux options are all available.