Die Gute Fabrik's once PSN-exlusive, fragmented 2D platformer Where is my Heart? is coming to Windows and Mac in September, 2013 (and Linux soon after), available on Steam and the Humble Store.

The original version of the game is already out on Vita and PlayStation 3. I pledged my love for the PSN version two years ago, dazzled by the design of the magical forest and its inhabitants and challenged by the unique fragmented level design. Players control three forest spirits who are seeking their tree home, and each has its own ability to help navigate the complex, scrambled levels. One spirit has a double jump and ground pound, another rotates the world around and can jump across space, and the last can see hidden platforms which only exist for him.

Where is my Heart? will make an appearance at PAX Prime this weekend, as part of the 80+ games in the Indie Megabooth. Die Gute Fabrik will update the game's website with more exact release information as soon as it is known.