ludumdare27.pngAnother Ludum Dare game jam has come and gone, and its participants have crowned winners of the 48-hour compo and 72-hour jam events: PROBE TEAM by Andrew Shouldice and NXTWPN10 by graebor, respectively.

PROBE TEAM (top picture) is a sidescrolling exploratory game with probes that have 10 seconds worth of fuel each to advance and NXTWPN10 (bottom picture) is a score-chasing arena shooter with randomized weapons every round and some wild, tubular effects. Both are pretty darn amazing and well worth a try!

For shout outs, the runners up for the top five compo games were made by patrickgh3, deepnight, Split82, rezoner(tie) and AdventureIslands(tie), and the runners up for the top five jam games were made by dom2d, Antidote, DDRKirby(ISQ), and mcc. Congratulations to all 2,213 developers who completed a game and to those who placed on the Ludum Dare Top 25 per category lists.

Ludum Dare 28 will commence in December. Those who need an immediate fix or an opportunity for redemption should check out the Low-Level Jam MiniLD this weekend.