The future is often depicted as a frightening place, where bad decisions and poor planning result in an inhospitable and hostile situation. Luckily, it makes for a compelling setting. It's no different for the upcoming Hyper Light Drifter by Heart Machine, an action RPG set in ruined days yet-to-come.

Developer Alex Preston cites some heavy hitters as inspiration, like Diablo II, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Secret of Mana. Preston hopes to modernize the formula established by the genre classics. There will be an emphasis on fast combat and great mobility. Enemies will be intelligent, forcing tactical play. Your primary weapon is a light sword, but battery-powered secondary weapons like pistols, rifles and enemy-homing seeker drones are attainable as well. There's also a light shield used for deflecting attacks and a dash function as well, which can be used for crossing pits, evading attacks or breaking environmental hazards.


Exploring the dark and dangerous world is driven by a need to reclaim lost technology and energy sources to sustain your society. While the stages are derelict and a bit foreboding, flashes of color will punctuate details and highlight the world. Preston is developing the game with Beau Blyth of Samurai Gunn fame, and the soundtrack is being provided by esteemed composer Disasterpeace.

The Kickstarter campaign is asking for $27,000, which will ensure the game reaches release on Windows, Mac and Linux. The target release is mid-2014, though beta access will precede full release by two months.