Somewhere in the distant future, on the very edge of outer space there exists a bubble in which NOWHERE takes place. Somehow, the descendants of humanity have made their way to this location. Through the eyes and the lives of the game's strange and wonderful creatures, you may eventually find out the why and the how.

This alien life simulator is being developed by a two-person team from Germany called Duangle, who aren't short on scope or ambition. They call the inhabitants of their game "nowhereians". Nowhereians are similar to humans in the way that they have feelings, care for or hate one another, get jobs, start families and die. The choices you make through adolescence will shape what you become as an adult. You may be a member of an assembly line, or you may be a CEO of an influential company. In the end, you may grow old and large enough to become a "landscape" where other nowhereians reside.

The game doesn't end when you die, though. You will begin again as a new character, though the when is up in the air. Your new character could begin life a decade after your previous life began. You'll then exist in the world you helped shape. The events you took part in or instigated will still happen. You could die in a battle you won in a previous life. You could come back as a child you had with a previous character. Duangle makes the possibilities seem pretty endless.

There is a central plot to uncover during this first-person adventure, but the focus is on making sure the story you experience is as emergent as possible, so don't expect much in the way of scripted story elements. While there is combat, it is being treated as a last-case scenario, and the game encourages the player to avoid it at all costs.

Development is expected to take two years, and the team has set up a crowdfunding campaign on their website to push the game toward completion. Those who take part at the lowest level of $21 will receive an alpha build of the game for Windows, Mac and Linux, and are entitled to the eventual Steam release.