heavy bullets.pngTerri Vellmann, the clever gentleman behind ESC, is making a clever FPS dungeon crawler called Heavy Bullets, which is already stylish and tough in its pre-alpha state. The game is a bit roguelike with levels made up of randomized blocks, and you lose everything when you die. However, you have a bank account you can access in later play throughs.

Terri explained to me that you can deposit and withdraw coins at any time. If you buy life insurance and then die, part of your coins are deposited in your account so you don't lose them all. If you buy a Last Will and die with it in hand, all your coins are deposited automatically in the account.

Also of note, the bullets are persistent; you can pick them up after you shoot them. You must first reload one bullet at a time, but that is upgradeable. Other upgrades include time slow-down, bullet and coin magnets, and the ability to carry more items of the same type at once.

Heavy Bullets has several key controls that Terri kindly detailed in the latest pre-alpha pack's "Hello" file, so read up on that before diving in. Terri tells me there is a boss at the end of the fourth level for those who can get there.

As a warning, the title screen suffered from a painfully slow framerate on my Windows 7 machine, but don't give up there. The actual game played smoothly. Windows, Mac, and Linux users can give Heavy Bullets a go for free now.