antglitch2.jpgParallel universes collide in Antarctic Glitch, a Ludum Dare jam entry by Beavl (who made Galaxel for 7DFPS) and artist Fernando Martínez Ruppel. You control a lone scientist fighting an endless horde of heavily armed assassins in Antarctica. Your research has opened a rift in spacetime and every 10 seconds you are replaced with a version of yourself from an alternate universe. Fortunately for you, your other incarnations are no strangers to combat.

In total, there are 5 alternates to control. The character art is fantastic and the pulpy designs draw from a range of fantasy and sci-fi influences. There's a guy in a mech, a hulking wrestler, a caped superhero, a jetpack-wearing steampunk, and a dwarf with a spiked mace. Each of these warriors is easily controllable with the arrow keys (up will make you jump or fly, depending on the character), and each has two unique methods of attack (triggered by the Z and X keys).

Perhaps due to some permutation of the law of conservation of energy, all of you share the same health meter. This is an endless brawler, so the goal is simply to hold out as long as you can and kill as many enemies as possible. Only your health and your number of kills are shown onscreen, but the game also tracks your score. If you're good enough, you can add your name to the highscore table (I wasn't).

Antarctic Glitch looks great and is fun to play, despite a few rough edges. I'd love to see even more alternate heroes. Beavl has plans to polish and expand the game, and maybe even release it on other platforms. For now, Antarctic Glitch is playable online.