freeplay.pngThe Freeplay Independent Games Festival has revealed its finalists for its 2013 Freeplay Awards. Noir-esque "panel-swapper" Framed, by Melbourne-based studio Loveshack, earned four categorical nods. Also of note, the winners of 2012's Best Writing award, SeeThrough Studios, returns with its new title Particulars, nominated for two awards.

In total, 12 Australian games will vie for the 6 awards to be announced September 29 during the event. Tickets are still available for the two-day conference and three-day Playful program, with daily and full-week pricing.

The full list and videos of finalists are after the jump.

Design: Duet, Framed, Puzzle Retreat
Visual Art: Framed, Puzzle Retreat, The Paper Fox
Audio Design: Duet, Lyne, Particulars
Narrative: Framed, Particulars, Wander
Technical Innovation: Framed, Time Surfer, Turnover
Non-Digital: Halfling Heist, Outside These City Walls, Time Fight


Puzzle Retreat

The Paper Fox



Time Surfer


(Vine here)


(no trailer available)


(no trailer available)