A true sequel to the NES classic River City Ransom has long been a dream for many gamers. Finally, almost 25 years after release, the dream could become a reality with River City Ransom: Underground and its recently-launched Kickstarter.

Developer Conatus Creative secured the license to make this sequel a reality, and the team is dead set on expanding what made the original so enthralling. There will be more playable characters in addition to Alex and Ryan, with four-player co-op (possibly online) make use of them. The nonlinear, open world you explore will be returning, but it will be bigger, with more stores from which to buy an increased amount of items. Enemy AI will also see a massive overhaul as well, negating the ability to stand on benches for safety. The team wants the game to feel like it would run on a beefed-up Nintendo.

The Kickstarter campaign is asking for a modest $180,000 Canadian. A $15 pledge secures you a copy of the game. It's currently being put together for Windows, though ports to consoles, handhelds or mobile devices are possible if the team can move into stretch goal territory.