chain game.pngAs the first Chain Jam ends, Jonatan Van Hove writes in to say the first resulting Chain Game is available and growing. Developers from all corners of the internet have submitted 55 mini-games so far, which the Chain Game compiles and randomizes for up to four local players. Jonatan calls it "the Mario Party of the people."

Each game lasts a set amount of time, and each can give up to 10 points to the players, divided however the devs see fit. The totals are kept throughout, displaying them on a scoreboard at the end.

Pro Spaceship Slalom 2013: Urban Barrel Roll Edition, Shootah - RAVEGING GNOMES, Bouncing Strawberry Unicorn, Jump dammit!, and Dot Collector Extreme: Supreme Block Commanders are just some of the colorfully and (unsurprisingly) aptly titled mini-games that await for your button mashing and real-life-opponent thrashing. The rules for each chain game flash a bit too quickly for me at times, but I suppose part of the fun is spending the time figuring out how to play spontaneously.

chain game 2.pngOrganized by the Copenhagen Game Collecitve (B.U.T.T.O.N., Dark Room Sex Game), The Chain Game combines Flash, Unity, HTML5 and JAVA games (pretty much any browser-based game) into one interface. The Chain Jam officials have stated that after the jam, the collective commits itself to promoting it and taking the games on tour. It will be free forever, and they will credit all the game creators as much as possible for their work.

Why wait for it to go on tour, though? Grab a few friends and a few controllers or keyboards, and then browse through the Chain Game this weekend.