blacksquare2.jpgBlack Square is a quick, well-polished bit of fun from Ghost Pixels. It's a top-down shooter with the rarely-used backdrop of the early Cold War. The graphics make use of a limited palette and excellent, low-res pixel art to convey the mood of playing a Gameboy game, or of watching an old black-and-white war film.

It's 1948 and the Cold War is already in full swing. You are Sergeant Chuck Taylor and your mission is to single-handedly infiltrate Stalin's stronghold of censorship and save an important minimalist painting, Kazimir Malevich's "The Black Square".

The compound is patrolled by Russian soldiers, which you can sneak by or shoot. You start out armed with only a pistol, but you'll be able to grab a machine gun later. The place is also protected by landmines, but you can often use these, in conjunction with exploding fuel barrels, to take out your enemies.

It's a fairly casual experience, as you have unlimited ammo and there are plenty of health pickups. However, the communists have an advantage in that they can shoot diagonally and you can't. You use the arrow keys to move and you can shoot with Shift, Ctrl, or Space.

Explore the compound and find your way to the titular MacGuffin, where you'll experience a final boss encounter which had me grinning from ear to ear. Give Black Square a play in your browser.