robby2.pngOne day, Robby decided to rob a bank. The heist wasn't very well planned, so it's a good thing Robby can think quickly on his feet. That will come in handy while trying to evade the absurdly tenacious police that come after him. Robby, the Ludum Dare competition entry by Yann van der Cruyssen (AKA Morusque), is a point'n'click mini-adventure presented in endearing ASCII graphics. Your job is to solve a single, elaborate puzzle: How does Robby get out of this mess?

Hover your mouse cursor over people and things to see what actions you can take, then click to do something. At first, your choices are limited: You have to rob the bank. Then a police officer arrives and begins counting down from 10. At this point, a plethora of possibilities present themselves. Will you try to reason with him? Shoot him? Run? Each of these choices opens up even more opportunities for interaction and proves just how determined the police are to shoot you or send you to jail.

This is one of those games that I replayed countless times trying to experience every twist and outcome. Be sure to examine each screen with your mouse to find all of the things you can do. There are a few different endings, and you'll probably get shot quite a few times, but if you're as patient and persistent as the cop, you just might help Robby escape with the cash.

I recommend that you play Robby online. There's also a Windows download, but some have had trouble getting it to work.