Continuing Nekogames/Yoshio Ishii's series of Hoshi Saga (find the star) puzzle games, Minna no HoshiSaga [みんなの星探] is a collection of 36 short, somewhat subverted puzzles and mini-games that require you to think outside the hako (Japanese for "box") to uncover one or more stars. This time around, over 30 Japanese developers contributed puzzles, with Yoshio Ishii overseeing the project.

You have to do more than just point and click to find the star, which seems apt coming from the developer behind such playful and popular experiments such as Which? and More Which?.

The hints are in Japanese, but just consider Minna no HoshiSaga to be the Hard Mode of the game, where you can't use any hints!

See how many stars you can find in Minna no HoshiSaga.