psychopac2.pngFrom Athletic Design, creators of the comic strip puzzler Strip Em All, comes Psychopath Pac-Man. Similar to Strip Em All, Psychopath Pac-Man is a darkly humorous puzzle game where you have to arrange panels on a grid. In this game, the panels are sections of Pac-Man's familiar labyrinth, complete with power pellets, fruit bonuses, ghosts, and Ms. Pac-Man. She is always in the bottom right corner of the maze, and the goal of each level is to reach her.

Click and drag the panels around, then click "Go!" to send Pac-Man on his way. He moves automatically from panel to panel, blindly sticking to his route and only turning when that's his only option. You have to arrange the panels so that Pac-Man avoids or eats any ghosts and is heading in the right direction when he gets to Ms. Pac-Man. Don't worry about assembling a completely workable maze; you're basically putting together a comic book page. Each maze panel acts as a comic strip panel and they are followed from left to right and top to bottom, like a typical comic book.

When Pac-Man exits one panel, he will enter the next one in the sequence, but he will be heading in the same direction he was when he left the last one. If a panel doesn't allow him entry, it will be tagged "At another part of the maze..." and ignored. Ghosts won't leave their panels, but they will eat you if you cross paths without having power pellet pumping through your system. You can tell what direction ghosts are about to go from their eyes.

As Pac-Man goes about his business, he makes comments and thinks out loud, revealing his own twisted personality and a number of unpleasant truths about his world, like what power pellets really are and what Pac-reproduction entails. It turns out we've been playing a censored game all these years. Give Psychopath Pac-Man a play in your browser.