naya's quest.pngTerry Cavanagh has released a free, brain-tickling, and isometric puzzle platformer called Naya's Quest today, demonstrating just how poorly I see 3D in this view. Naya's quest (if that is the name of the character you control) seems to be to investigate a phenomenon called "the edge," which has led her to an abandoned town.

In this town is something so startling that it made a monk run in the opposite direction and fortunately leave behind a useful artifact. This scanner allows you to see each stage as it really is, often with its isometric platforms stacking up quite differently to what you perceive.

While I wonder if a stereoscopic device would ease the visual difficulty of the puzzles in Naya's Quest, I feel that would take the painful joy out of solving them as is with the scanner. For now, I'm taking a brain break to share this with everyone. (I'll hug or handshake whomever posts a video to pass this stage, by the way.)

naya 2.png