In xhon, the Ludum Dare 27 jam entry by Kyle Reczek, you are an alien plant, and all you want to do is propagate. As a plant, you can't move, of course. What you can do is produce spores. You control each spore as it scuttles and jumps to reach the nearest unfertilized pod. There's something I find irresistible about the lush, chunky pixel art in this game, and the alien carnival music really adds to the extraterrestrial atmosphere.

A spore's lifespan is only 10 seconds, but you'll always respawn from the last fertilized plant. Move your bipedal spore with the arrow keys, use the spacebar to jump, and hit Y if you need to restart from the last checkpoint. Just when you get comfortable with the platforming, the game throws a few twists into the mix, like pods that spawn reverse-gravity spores.

xhon contains a generous amount of levels considering its short development time, and I'd enjoy playing even more. You can play xhon in your browser. If the game moves too slowly on your system, try this smaller version. An OUYA port is in the works.