Onipunks have released their free Tokyo Game Show demo for C-Wars, the title they currently have under development for Android and PC. It looks kinda like a tower defense game at first glance, but it's more of an RTS game which happens to take place on a grid. While allies and enemies are battling things out in accordance with their AI, you can use your main hero as a surgical striker, moving in and out to attack and defend where needed.

C-Wars is still under development, having finished a very successful Kickstarter campaign in May of this year. The TGS demo was a new build with a bug that ended the game after a short amount of time, but I played enough times to start getting the hang of it and was pretty pleased with what I experienced. The control scheme did take some getting used to (and the game crashes didn't help), but that was partly because the game was more complex than I expected at first glance and partly because they really are doing something that feels new here.

This isn't the first game to combine traditional tower defense with a player character to help patch holes in the defensive line, but when I've played such games in the past, you had to set up stationary defenses and then just got to help keep those defenses from falling to the next wave of enemies. In C-Wars, you can move your units once they've been placed, though you can only directly control the attacks of your main character. So if you place a gunner down to back your main character up on one row, you can then move the gunner to another row and keep using the same strategy if you wish. Rather than having waves, the game works in real time, and where you can place your units depends on how much territory you've taken.

There were three game modes available to check out at TGS: a regular battle mode, a mode in which the player could only attack with mines and turrets, and a mode in which the map had a lot of narrow attack avenues and the player would die in one hit. All three modes steered me towards different kinds of strategy, even with less than 30 seconds to play in.

C-Wars is still in its alpha stages, but even the buggy demo I got to check out already shows a lot of promise. You can get your hands on the same multiplatform demo here.

Fans of the strategy genre will probably want to keep an eye on this one. If it looks or plays interesting to you, you might consider giving them a thumbs up on Steam Greenlight.