Earlier this week we brought you the debut trailer for DethLands, a Game Boy-inspired black metal platformer from Mad Factory Games. Tokinsom, the developer behind Minitroid and member of the DethLands team shared some details on the upcoming game with us, as well as a few clips of the soundtrack he's composing.

DethLands' roots are firmly planted in the old school, with games like Castlevania, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Mega Man and Super Mario Bros 2 cited as inspiration. The team is focusing on tight, challenging platforming, without crossing into the realm of frustration. Players will direct Golgoth through the levels, using his signature headbang maneuver to attack enemies with his hair.

There are four subweapons hidden in treasure chests that expand your offensive abilities, as well as a handful of static abilities that buff your attributes as well. The details of these are being kept quiet for now, though these accessories are close to the heart of metal fashion and interests. All of these abilities will help you get through the game's levels and their branching paths, as well as do battle with the eight or more bosses.

The soundtrack (preview below) is being put together by Tokinsom, who is using his background as a musician to produce authentic metal songs in chiptune form.

"I was in quite a few metal bands when I was younger and have been playing drums and guitar for probably 12 years now," Tokinsom said, "but I mostly just write game music these days. When Jerom pitched the idea for DethLands I figured it was the perfect opportunity to put everything I learned back then to good use and the DethLands metal/chiptune soundtrack was born."

The tunes are composed using FL Studio and ranges a few styles of metal, like black metal, metalcore, speed metal and thrash to name a few. The heaviest stuff will be used for the boss battles, cutscenes and minigames, which are unfortunately tightly under wraps like the aforementioned power ups. The sound effects are being made with SFXR and BFXR, where a lot of time is being spent making sure the sounds are both appropriate and unique.

Completing the game on normal difficulty will unlock a harder version of the game that changes the color pallet from the classic Game Boy green to a sinister red. It's a nice touch and fits in nicely with the game's metal theme. DethLands is about 60 percent through development, with a release period penciled in for the end of the year. The plan is to bring the game to Windows, Mac and Linux. An Ouya version is also being considered.