Waveform developer Eden Industries is seeking Kickstarter pledges to help fund the art of upcoming modern RPG Citizens of Earth. In this turn-based RPG, all the Normal NPCs are the real heroes in the game, and the player-controlled Vice President handles the sweet-talk recruiting of them.

The Kickstarter campaign goes into detail about the characters roles in and out of battle. "Since every character is a regular citizen of the world, they each have their own unique day job that they take care of while they're not actively accompanying you... Additionally, each character gets better at their day job as you level them up, which not only provides an incentive to use every single character but also allows the player to strengthen and develop the world at large beyond just the combat strength of his party. "

The combat should be familiar to those who've played Earthbound or Dragon Quest. "Citizens of Earth has a focus on intelligent choices that keep you on your toes. Rather than learn pages and pages of abilities that quickly become obsolete, each Citizen's abilities grow stronger as you level up."

For a $15CAD pledge, you get a copy of the game for Windows, Mac, or Linux, with a scheduled release of June 2014.