elarel.pngelarel is a mentally rigorous puzzler that requires your owl-avatar to move carefully through each booby-trapped level, gathering all the treasure along the way. It's a kind of turn-based puzzler, where each move you make may trigger obstacles to move, as well. One wrong move, and you'll start all over in that level. Therefore, tread carefully!

Co-developer Jonathan Campbell says elarel is a tribute for him to classic System 6/7 puzzler Blobbo (the graphics and gameplay are quite similar). He said he had fond childhood memories of playing Blobbo with his father.

However, elarel introduces several new objects which appear in later levels, such as generators, fences, spiders, other monsters, conveyor belts, and gravity shift buttons. Further, the objects borrowed from Blobbo often have changed mechanics, resulting in a different play style.

If you want a free, challenging spatial/movement puzzler for your Windows or Mac machine, grab elarel now from Howard Huang, Jonathan Campbell, Domenico Caucci, and Maxime Whaite. Just have something else to listen to, as the sound effects are a bit piercing.