train_robbery_LD27.pngMoomoo112's Train Robbery is a Ludum Dare entry which gives the player 10 seconds to order his units around and then lets things play out for 10 seconds before the player's turn comes around again. Unlike most such strategy games, however, this one is a 2D sidescroller set in the wild west, and you are out to get as much money as you can from the train's passengers. You start out with three men and can use the money you raise to hire men for successive train robberies. Depending on how fast you are with a mouse, you may not want to hire many beyond the default of three. I found that I wasn't always fast enough to assign three men tasks in 10 seconds when I played. I wasn't expecting to have to click and drag from my choice of task to its target, but I was glad for the little blue lines that make it easy to see exactly what is going on. Combine that with very appropriate music, and you get a great Ludum Dare game. And since it's a Java file, it should be playable on any OS.