don't move.pngDeveloper Steve Richey of Don't Move says the game is about "ludonarrative dissonance and player manipulation via investment systems," as written on the indieDB for the Windows freeware. Here, players will struggle with doing what the game asks them to do and what the game allows them to do, often to what feels like a punishing degree.

Don't Move, for me, quickly drives home the point that achievements and challenges can be misused and result in "non-optimal gameplay decisions... past the point where the game is fun," to quote the developer.

The full experience should be rewarding, however, for those who can stomach it. The developer scribbled on TIGS forums that the game takes him about 50 minutes to complete. "However, there are several (intentionally) obfuscated puzzles in the game, and you'll need to figure them out to finish. The game does not make these puzzles obvious or easy!"

Don't Move is a 3MB Windows freeware download. From what I can tell, it doesn't have a save feature, so if you're aiming for the full experience be sure to have a chunk of time to achievement hunt.