mysterychan1.pngThat merry prankster thecatamites has an early Halloween treat/trick for us, and it's called Mystery Channel. It's an anthology of ostensibly spooky minigames united by the framing device of a late-night TV creepshow, the kind that was popular on local stations in the pre-cable era. You begin the game with a remote control in your hand, staring at a staticky television set. Flipping through the channels reveals nothing but more static, until you try the Mystery Channel.

The Mystery Channel's horror host is disheveled and has a poor sense of humor, which is just about perfect, and he has handpicked five B-movie chillers for your interactive viewing pleasure (not that he's seen them all). You can hover over the title of each to get a schlocky description, and click to play.

Most of these mini-games share a similar aesthetic to the developer's recent 24-hour games. Your selections include:

Night of the Killers, where your investigation into a bunch of killings leads to more killing.

Knife Crazy, in which you freak out over the killer in the apartment above you and all of the noise he makes.

pprip1.jpgPajama Party RIP, (pictured above) which casts you as the killers' potential victims.

Mask of Death, which is (shhhh) actually a touching, personal essay about horror movies.

Night of the Killers 2, the elegiac sequel and a capstone to the whole loosely connected series, where you take on the role of the killers themselves, and maybe even learn to empathize with them. Or not.

Everything in Mystery Channel is controlled with the mouse or arrow keys, and sometimes space. It's probably best experienced during the twilight hours, or just before you fall asleep. Download Mystery Channel for Windows, if you dare!